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Meet Our Founder

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Bahar Ansari
Founder, Attorney & Creator

Bahar, our founder,  believes that with just a bit of general legal knowledge, you can dream better, be brighter, and achieve more by knowing the rules of the game. Entrepreneurial spirit may come naturally to most, but running a business is a learned skill. Knowing the laws helps you make clear and informed decisions without spending thousands of dollars on various lawyers and waiting weeks for responses needed in your day-to-day operation. Bahar's mission is to empower young entrepreneurs inspired to create solutions to today's human problems.


Bahar is a rebellious Attorney, a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning writer, an international speaker, and the host of #Lawvely; a show about the laws of life.

Over the last 10+ years in law, Bahar has helped hundreds of creative people worldwide achieve their dreams. From Olympians and award-winning artists to Creators in technology, science, and education.

Bahar has a doctorate in law from Whittier Law School. After graduating with her doctorate in law, she received her specialty from UCLA Law school with an LL.M in International Business & Tax law. Bahar also holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a minor in Business Administration from California State University in Fullerton. She is a California licensed attorney.